Ballet Folklor Tayahua




Do you think our city could benefit from an investment in culture, the arts, and our local kids? Do you want to see our downtown reinvigorated after Covid-19? Do you like block parties 😎 ?

Then please consider becoming a sponsor for our 2nd annual Fiesta Sin Frontera. As a fully certified 501(c)(3), our mission from the start has been to provide our local children with a safe space in which to explore the dancing traditions of our ancestors. Lately though, our focus has shifted to the city itself and its need for a cultural identity. In collaboration with the city's monthly ArtWauk as well as local artists, we hope to show you not just what our kids have learned in our studio but the potential of Genesee as a place to gather, rejoice, and grow together as neighbors.


If this sounds like a good cause to you, then please help us remake Genesee into something greater. We're contracting our own stage, acts, vendors, etc and all that we ask is that you lend a hand. As a non-profit, every dollar goes toward our stated mission and is eligible for tax deduction. If you are interested in partnering with us, here are some options:


Interesting in becoming a vendor?

​How about making food for hundreds of hungry festival goers?😋